Roos aims to restore star role of Miami RLC

Before the statewide revival of the RLC in 2004, the Miami RLC was the flagship RLC affiliate in the state. In fact, at that time, it was essentially the only vibrant affiliate in the state. Sadly, just as the RLC statewide was reborn, Miami RLCer leader Ed Rahn passed away and the Miami RLC largely died with him. Not long before, fellow Miami RLC leader Jeff Palmer had moved to North Carolina where he took the reins of the NCRLC.

Since then there has been successful RLC-related events and projects in Dade County, most notably the 2004 Southern Republican Leadership Conference, the 2007 Young Republicans National Convention, the Ron Paul and Dean Santoro campaigns and several educational and outreach events. But the Miami affiliate itself never fully covered the loss of Rahn and Palmer.

Miami RLCer Hector Roos wants to change that. Under the new regional RLC structure, Roos is hosting a regional RLC meeting in Miami on Feb. 28 with the aim of reorganizing the Miami RLC as the active center of the South Florida region. With this would come additional representaton of the region on the RLC state board.

Jackie Lee Fernandez, a veteran of the Rahn/Palmer period, is back on board along with many new RLCers. They will be meeting at 6 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 28, in Party Room C of the Brickell Place II condo, 1915 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33129.

In conjunction with Roos, the Palm Beach County RLC will be holding a short caucus meeting at the tail end of the March 3 meeting of the Republican Party of Central Palm Beach County. There, Philip Blumel will recap the Miami meeting for Palm Beach RLCers.


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