LOOKING BACK: RLCers at SLRC 2004 in Miami

There is a lot of excitement this weekend, as libertarian Republicans from around the country join the party's old guard in New Orleans for the second largest national Republican gathering after the national convention, the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

Not only are Republicans energized by their prospects in November against the Democrats, but libertarians are energized about their ascendant status within the GOP.

Of course, seeds for this revolution were planted and nourished over the years by the RLC, Rep. Ron Paul and others. Back in 2004, the SRLC was held in Miami and the RLC of Florida was there.

That year, the RLC held a outreach table complete with the World's Smallest Political Quiz and two-dimensional Nolan Chart to explain the rudiments of libertarianism to Republican activists and to meet prospective RLCers. RLC literature featured Rep. Ron Paul, once a chair of the organization, advocating his Congressional races as opposed to his later presidential one.

In attendence were Ed Rahn, Jeff Palmer, Jackie Fernandez, Tom Walls, Philip Blumel, Frank Cuzzocrea Jr., Sean Landon and others. The relationships growing from this event formed the backbone of the resurgent statewide RLC that reappeared as an important grass roots force that year.

The reaction to explicit libertarians at this event was cordial and enthusiastic in some cases and unwelcome in others. Halfway through the explosion of spending and new and expanded government programs that marked the George W. Bush years, the run-of-the-mill GOP activist hardly questioned big government neoconservativism. How things have changed in a few short years!

Thanks to all the activists who were in the field laying the groundwork for the internal revolution finally recognized in the wake of the 2006-08 electoral defeats.

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