CALLING ALL CANDIDATES -- RLC to choose new leadership at Jan. 15 convention

On Saturday, Jan. 15, the RLCFL will hold its state convention, which is held every two years according to the RLCFL by-laws. To register, go here.

Our last two conventions – in 2007 and 2009 -- have piggybacked on the national RLC’s convention and they featured top name libertarian Republican speakers and politicians. This year’s event will be a Florida-only meeting with a focus on business and building the RLC within an ascendant Republican Party that won big on libertarian themes on Nov. 2.

It’s our time. The RLC has to be in ship shape to represent the liberty wing of the GOP and hold party leaders to the message that elected them.

Please help steer the RLC by running for a seat on our state executive board. Here are the seats available and the announced candidates. Nominations will be accepted at the convention, but candidates are encouraged to announce early so the membership can get to know them in advance.


  • Chairman –  Matt Nye
  • Vice-Chairman -- Eric Wall, John Stevens
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer -- Jason Hellenberg
  • Region 1 (North West)
  • Region 2 (North Central)
  • Region 3 (North East)
  • Region 4 (Central East)
  • Region 5 (Central Florida) -- Nicole Chartrand
  • Region 6 (Central West) – Bob White
  • Region 7 (South West) -- Woody Engle
  • Region 8 (South East) -- Philip Blumel
  • At-large (3 seats)-- Marshall DeRosa, Matthew Arbos, R.B. Lee, Jim Trainor, John Hallman

If you want to run for a seat, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your name and the seat you wish to run for. If you'd like, please include an e-photo and a one paragraph statement about why you are running for the seat. I’ll post your name, photo and statement here and forward your info to the nominations committee.

For the responsibilities and region descriptions, please see the RLCFL by-laws.

Register now -- see you on January 15!




Philip Blumel, Region 8, South East:  My vision for the RLCFL is as a network of libertarians throughout the state working in concert on state issues and campaigns. The RLCFL has had success with this strategy on eminent domain, term limits, healthcare freedom and – perhaps this year – TABOR.  I do not believe in macho posturing nor compromise, but in focusing our efforts and resources on projects that advance and achieve our libertarian principles.



altMarshall DeRosa, at-large:   The RLC’s commitment to the ideals of individual rights, limited government and free enterprise within the national and Florida Republican Parties is critical to our nation’s and Florida’s futures. In the absence of the RLC principles Republicans are substantively indistinguishable from Democrats, with both promoting the unconstitutional violation of individual rights and liberties. The growth of government must not only be stopped, but pushed back within its constitutional parameters. Towards that end I’m seeking an at-large position within the RLC of Florida in the attempt to do my part to restore the constitutional rule of law.—Semper Liberi, Dr. Marshall DeRosa (Professor of Political Science, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton).


altEric Wall, vice chairman: Eric was the Regional Field Coordinator for Ron Paul 2008, a member the RLC of Florida Board of Directors from March 2008 to March 2009, was elected to the RLC National Committee in March 2009 and served as National Secretary from July 2009 to December 2010. Mr. Wall has also served as the Bay County REC Secretary and Precinct Development Director from 2008-2010 and is now the current Bay Co. REC Vice-Chairman.


altJim Trainor, at-large: Jim Trainor is a Realtor and small business owner. In addition to his duties as RLCCEF Treasurer Jim is a precinct committeeman for the Brevard Republican Executive Committee, and helped on numerous campaigns during both the 2010 primary and general elections. Jim would like to see an RLC chapter in every single county and has been working with a group in Tampa to help get them off the ground.


altJohn Stevens, vice chair: I have served the last two years as the
Chairman of the RLC of Northeast Florida Chapter and prior to that served as the Vice Chairman. In 2007 I started the Ron Paul Meetup Group for Jacksonville, Florida. And in 2000 I worked as the National Ballot Access Director for Pat Buchanan's Presidential Run. I am a firm believer in grassroots activism and bottom up organizations. My vision for the RLCFL is to support the newly elected State Chair in more clearly defining our mission and goals, unifying our Caucus and facilitating growth in existing RLC chapters and helping to charter new

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