RLCers to take freedom message to Tallahassee March 14-15 -- REGISTER NOW!

altWith a new governor, large Republican majorities in both Houses of the legislature and a public mood tilting towards limited government, the 2011 legislative session will be a wild one – and the RLC will be there.

On March 14-15, RLCers from around the state will meet in Tallahassee for grassroots lobbying as part of our annual RLC Days at the Capitol.alt

As in previous years, we will meet in Tallahassee around 1 p.m. on Monday for a briefing and then RLCer and political consultant John Hallman will bring us door-to-door to talk to legislators. He is also working to arrange a meeting with Gov. Rick Scott and new Republican Party of Florida Chair Dave Bitner.

That evening there will be a social get-together at a watering hole near the Capitol. Most of us are staying at Baymont Inn & Suites, 3210 N. Monroe Street, where John has secured special rates. Then the next morning, meetings will continue until about 2 p.m., leaving time for RLCers to return home.

For more details and to register, go here. If you have trouble registering on-line, feel free to call John Hallman to RSVP verbally at (352) 200-1530.

At the March conference call of the RLCFL Board, positions were taken on a list of issues that we will be distributing to legislators. Prior to RLC Days at the Capitol, the board will choose three key issues to emphasize at our meetings with legislators. The choices will be based on member feedback and timing.

The full list of issues approved include (additional information will follow):

  • State Sovereignty bill -- SUPPORT
  • Interstate Commerce bill -- SUPPORT
  • Health Care Freedom Act  -- SUPPORT
  • Funding of Sun Rail -- OPPOSE
  • TABOR/Smart Cap -- SUPPORT
  • Repeal Red Light Camera Legislation -- SUPPORT
  • Resolution calling for Congressional term limits -- SUPPORT
  • Amendment weakening Florida's 8-year legislative term limits -- OPPOSE
  • Repeal Septic Tank Inspection Legislation -- SUPPORT
  • Repeal REAL ID Act -- SUPPORT
  • Repeal Crist’s Cap & Trade -- SUPPORT
  • Gun Rights (Multiple bills) -- SUPPORT
  • Eliminating mandatory sentencing minimums -- SUPPORT
  • Gov. Scott’s Public Pension Reform -- SUPPORT
  • Get rid of the RPOF loyalty oath -- SUPPORT

Please join us! You can register here. There is no charge to attend, as the project is underwritten by the RLCFL. However, if you can’t attend but would like to help make the project a success, please make a contribution to the RLCFL today. Thanks!

Questions? Call John Hallman at (352) 200-1530.

(Pictured above is Sen. Mike Fasano holding an RLC brochure from the 2009 RLC Day at the Capitol.)

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