North-East Florida Regional develops new RLCFL brochure


The Republican Liberty Caucus of North-East Florida regional has unveiled our latest brochure. With a theme of "Timeless Principles for a Modern Florida," this eight inch by eight inch brochure is a finely crafted work of art. Printed on heavy, glossy cardstock, this tri-fold outlines our most fundamental values and purposes. Beginning with the basics about the RLC, it covers individual rights, constitutional government and state sovereignty, free enterprise, a strong national defense and candidate support activities.

According to Will Pitts, the prime-mover behind this whole effort in the RLCFL-NE, the overall concept is that this tri-fold is the centerpiece of the marketing campaign. In addition, the RLCFL-NE is planning a full, 20-page 'Liberty Guide', which goes into our fundamental principles in much greater detail. It is intended to show that we have depth to our philosophy. Additionally, a smaller, cheaper, 8 1/2" x 11" tri-fold for general purpose handouts, is planned. The Liberty Guide is intended for new members and potential major donors. All three will share graphics and themes to reduce the cost per item.

The RLCFL-NE had a large number printed up, and they are available at cost to anyone in the RLCFL in quanitites as small as 450 brochures. 

Contact Ms Kimberly Abelon here, if you wish to find out more.  To see the whole brochure, download the attachment (6mb pdf).

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