Second Meetup: TBYR Meeting Recap

The second Meetup went off without a hitch--thanks in the main to Adam Smith, President of the TBYR. About 40 People attended, only one or two from the Meetup. Dinner was outstanding ( I had chicken, and Kit, my wife had the Salad Buffet, Kristen my daughter had the Chicken, too)

Speakers included Eddie Adams, Congressional Candidate for Castor's Seat in District 11. He spoke of his vision for energy independence, smaller government, and the economy. I particularly liked that he emphasized how government has created most of the economic problems, then promised how they were going to fix it by more government!

Brian Blair, Hillsborough County Commissioner, District 6 (County-wide) is running for reelection. Brian emphasized his spending cuts and efforts to consolidate functions to increase efficiency.

Adam has done a wonderful job getting the YR's back to an active force. They have big plans on how they are going to support Republican Candidates. This is an active bunch, and they will be a real factor in the upcoming elections here in Tampa Bay.

They need our assistance: Due to our wonderful school system, most have not a clue on what the Constitution really is all about. They kind of go with the flow, and whatever sounds good at the time.

We (the RLC) are working on getting Jim King, candidate for Ginny B-W's seat (D5) to present at the June TBYR meeting. The TBYR are all for it, and we are trying to make it happen. Stay tuned.